Villa Type - 1

Total Area - 2868 Sq.Ft

Villa Type - 2

Total Area - 3180 Sq.Ft

Villa Type - 3

Total Area - 3072 Sq.Ft

Villa Type - 4

Total Area - 3086 Sq.Ft

Villa Type - 5

Total Area - 2839 Sq.Ft

Villa Type - 6

Total Area - 3305 Sq.Ft

Villa Type - 7

Total Area - 3180 Sq.Ft

Villa Type - 8

Total Area - 3285 Sq.Ft

Villa Type - 9

Total Area - 3240 Sq.Ft

Villa Type - 10

Total Area - 3030 Sq.Ft

Villa Type - 11

Total Area - 2970 Sq.Ft

Villa Type - 12

Total Area - 2766 Sq.Ft

Exciting Living

Modern urban living comes into its own at COPPER Woods Premium Pool Villas. Come home to a world of sophistication and elegance.

COPPER Woods Premium Pool Villas reflect a private world crafted with the finest of details and distinction. Sophisticated luxury personalized to reflect your discerning taste and beautiful space that combines timeless elegance with all the comforts of home. Each home at COPPER Woods Premium Pool Villas is planned to perfection. Precise use of space makes the homes even larger. Ample roominess to live freely. Carefully laid out plan ensures complete satisfaction of your individual requirements while every detail is envisaged for utmost comfort.

Endearing Design

Intelligent design has ensured utilization of space and ease of movement. Spacious interiors, large balconies and terraces that soak in the beauty of your surroundings. COPPER Woods Villas offer the perfect combination of nature living and urban family design. The energetic environment incorporates a variety of nature spaces that provide all residents access to a green and serene garden ambience, offering a different approach to urban greenery. Each unit utilizes landscaped balconies, terraces and lawns to dissolve the building’s enclosures and to visually expand interiors creating an ambience that is wrapped in the warmth of love.


Copper Woods Premium Pool Villas